Wisconsin Restaurant to Use Safe UV Lights to Kill Virus in Real-Time

Image: The Blind Horse

Wisconsin restaurant installs virus-killing lights in its dining room, bar area

The Blind Horse Restaurant & Winery in Kohler, Wisconsin, is reportedly the first restaurant in the U.S. to install far-UVC light technology.

BioAssured parter, Healthe, pioneered the “Healthe Space” lights which provide real-time mitigation of harmful pathogens and viruses.

The lights are mounted on the ceiling and give off general light as well as “far-UVC 222 sanitizing light to clean air and surfaces.”

Eighteen of the Healthe Space lights are being installed throughout the restaurant, in the dining and bar areas, as well as in other buildings on the property.

“Of utmost importance to us is that we provide a safe environment so our guests and employees have the opportunity to feel a sense of normalcy and well-being that has been shaken by COVID-19,” Thomas Nye, The Blind Horse’s general manager and master winemaker, said in a statement.

“Real time mitigation of the virus has been our goal since this crisis began,” Nye added. “The suite of safety protocols and technology that we are installing is extensive and unprecedented in our industry. Our customers have come to expect The Blind Horse to be a leader, and we are proud to be at the forefront in utilizing this technology in the restaurant and winery industry.”

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