Wisconsin Restaurant Leads the Way With Far-UVC Lights to Protect Diners, Employees

The Blind Horse Becomes First Restaurant in the United States to Install Far-UVC Light Technology for Real-Time Virus Mitigation and Indoor Sanitization

The Blind Horse Restaurant & Winery is the first restaurant in the United States to install Far-UVC 222 light technology to provide real-time mitigation of harmful pathogens and viruses. State-of-the-art sanitization solutions, developed by BioAssured partner, Healthe, Inc., will be installed at key locations throughout the restaurant in mid-October. Far-UVC 222 light technology provides an additional layer of critical protection for staff and guests–along with the other safety initiatives already in place throughout the property.

“I’m excited to see new technology being installed at The Blind Horse that can be a potential shining light to an industry that is suffering right now.  It’s impressive that The Blind Horse has invested in such groundbreaking technology in Sheboygan County to help keep our citizens safe,” said Dave Roettger, Health Inspector, Sheboygan County.

The Blind Horse will install Healthe Space throughout the dining and bar areas of the restaurant and adjacent Granary building. Space is a ceiling-mounted light that produces a combination of general illumination and Far-UVC 222 sanitizing light to clean air and surfaces. Space replaces traditional downlight cans and can be easily retrofitted into existing standard 6” housings. The Blind Horse is installing 18 Healthe Space lights throughout the property.

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