Restaurant to be First in Nation to Install Far-UVC 222nm Lighting

Image: The Blind Horse

The Blind Horse says first-in-the-nation overhead lights will continuously kill airborne viruses

KOHLER – Tom Nye believes that his restaurant will offer the safest dining experience in the country starting Tuesday, because of new overhead lights that continuously kill viruses in the air.

Patrons at The Blind Horse will now be able to dine under 18 new FAR-UVC 222 lights that safely and continuously sanitize the air and nearby surfaces, according to BioAssured partner, Healthe.

It is the first restaurant in the country to install these lights, according to a news release, which will hang from the ceiling and replace some of the existing overhead lights.

Nye, general manager and master winemaker, said the lights will stay in the restaurant as long as they are necessary and they could serve a purpose after the coronavirus pandemic. He said he thinks they will become standard building code someday.

“They’ll be in every light bulb because it makes too much sense not to,” he said. “It’s safe for humans and it kills any kind of virus or pathogen. It makes total sense.”

There will be information cards on tables and posters in the buildings explaining the new lights to customers and the role they play in the Blind Horse’s effort to prevent spread in its facilities.

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