Restaurant Banking on Far-UVC 222 to Keep Customers, Staff Safe

Wisconsin restaurant installs coronavirus-killing lights in dining room, bar

The Blind Horse Restaurant & Winery in Kohler, Wisconsin, is reportedly the first restaurant in the US to install far-UVC light technology, according to a press release.

The lights from the Florida-based company Healthe Inc. use narrow wavelength far-UVC lights to sanitize the air and surfaces in real-time. Eighteen of the Healthe Space lights are being installed throughout the restaurant, in the dining and bar areas, as well as in other buildings on the property.

“Everyone is seeking a positive way forward to inspire our struggling industry. The cost, especially for a small business, is daunting. Our customers and staff appreciate all the time, money and effort to create a safer environment.”

— Thomas Nye, General Manager and Master Winemaker, The Blind Horse.

In June, researchers from Columbia University Irving Medical Center found that far-UVC light kills the coronavirus safely, without harming human tissue. According to the study, which was published in “Scientific Reports” — 99.9 percent of two coronaviruses that were exposed to far-UVC light were killed.

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