State-of-the-art UVC Lights Installed in U.S. Restaurant First

The Blind Horse is first restaurant in U.S. to install state-of-the-art UVC light system

The Blind Horse Restaurant and Winery in Kohler is the first restaurant in the United States to install a state-of-the-art UV light system to eliminate viruses and pathogens like the coronavirus.

This new light is called a ‘Far-UVC 222.’ It is created by Healthe Inc, a Florida-based company. Far-UVC 222 is considered stronger than regular UVC light.

“Everyone is seeking a positive way forward to inspire our struggling industry. The cost, especially for a small business, is daunting. Our customers and staff appreciate all the time, money and effort to create a safer environment.”

— Thomas Nye, General Manager and Master Winemaker, The Blind Horse.


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