Regular Cleaning Is Not Enough in Our Post-Covid19 World

A surface only stays "germ free" until a person contaminates it...

Standard cleaning and disinfection methods — even from a professional cleaning service — come with challenges and long-term problems. Traditional disinfectants like alcohol or other "poison-based" products penetrate living cells and “kill” by way of poisoning the organism. They are designed to act quickly and dissipate quickly. But as soon as those products dry, the surface is vulnerable to re-contamination. And using bleach to clean or "fogging" your building every day is most likely contributing to the development of new super bugs.

The way we’ve been thinking about cleaning has got to change.

The BioAssured™ Solution

A commitment to continuous surface and air protection from a multi-layer solution.

There is no single magic bullet to eliminate the spread of harmful pathogens in your building or public space. The BioAssured™ Certification was created because we saw a need for a Gold Standard of Clean that the public could depend on. Because “CLEAN” means different things to different people now.

By becoming BioAssured™, you are demonstrating that you're exercising the utmost caution and commitment to safety. If someone connected to your business gets sick, you want to know that you have done enough, and done more than enough to meet the ever-changing standards and regulations.

Look For The Seal

Look For The BioAssured™ Seal at retail stores, government buildings, office spaces, schools, airports, entertainment venues, factories and more.

BioAssured™ brings together established, scientifically proven methods of disinfection and sanitization to create a national “Gold Standard of Clean” providing consumers with consistency and confidence across all industries and markets.

When a customer sees the BioAssured™ Certified decal in your window, or certificate at reception, they can be assured that your establishment has made a commitment to The Gold Standard of Clean, which means a commitment and accountability for the safety and well-being of everyone on the premises.




The BioAssured™ Certification Process

It begins with a scientific assessment by BioAssured™ trained technicians, followed by the implementation of recommended protocols.

At the basic level, a BioAssured™ space undergoes a once monthly 2-Step Process for cleaning and disinfection where a biostatic finish is applied to all surfaces and ATP testing is used to periodically check the bioloading on various surfaces. We utilize nano technology to continuously protect the surfaces from harmful pathogens while reducing the need for harmful chemicals.

Using a Defense In Depth approach, our team of experts make recommendations for additional product solutions to address the unique challenges in YOUR building or space, looking at multiple vectors like surface and air. We assess your floor plans and talk with you about your high traffic challenges; the places in your location where it’s challenging to keep things cleaned and sanitized all the time, and where traditional sanitizing methods would be disruptive.

We then work with our various partners to deploy the use of cutting edge technology in your facilities. Our number one goal is to bring you technology that reduces the bio loading in your environment WITHOUT increasing the chemical loading in your environment.

And we put your staff through our Hygiene Intervention Program inside our Get BioAssured Training Portal. We may also make recommendations for the placement of additional hand sanitizing stations.

Now, you’re BioAssured!

As a BioAssured™ Client, You'll Receive:

  • Voluntary Inclusion In Our National Database
  • Risk Reducing Tech Support
  • A Hygiene Intervention Program with Access to our Training Portal for Staff
  • Consulting help from BioAssured Covid-19 Specialized Scientists and Industrial Hygienists
  • Cleaning and Disinfection of All High Touchpoint Surfaces
  • Application of a Durable Biostatic finish to all High Touchpoint Surfaces
  • Monthly Quality Assurance Verification with ATP Testing

BioAssured™ Announces Strategic Partnership with Massey Services


The BioAssured™ multi-layered process was developed in collaboration with Healthe, the creators of a patented line of Far-UVC products.

Healthe products utilize UVC 222, a frequency of light that naturally kills up to 99.99% of bacteria and viruses – including coronaviruses.

*Depends on the length of UVC 222 exposure

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