Miami Dolphins Take Far-UVC Tech to New Heights in NFL

Cutting-edge technology could help Miami Dolphins beat COVID-19 — and their opponents

The Dolphins recently became the first franchise in football to install a series of new air purification devices throughout their team headquarters designed to wipe out the coronavirus before it lands on a surface or ends up in their players’ lungs.

And they are using one of the safest — and most natural — disinfectants on the planet: ultraviolet rays.


Over the coming weeks and months BioAssured partner, Healthe Inc—which includes Dolphins owner Stephen Ross among its investors—will retrofit the team’s facility with a series of safe far-UVC lights and filters that can eliminate virtually all of the coronavirus and other harmful pathogens in the environment.


“It’s a well-proven, extremely safe technology that is underused and often misunderstood,” Edward Nardell, professor in the Harvard Departments of Environmental Health and Immunology and Infectious Diseases, recently told NPR. “No one doubts the efficacy of germicidal UV in killing small microorganisms and pathogens. I think the bigger controversy, if there is any, is misperceptions around safety.”

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