i4 Business: BioAssured High Tech Safety

BioAssured Certifies ‘Gold Standard of Clean’

BioAssured CEO and co-founder, Angela Robbins, met with i4 Business Magazine to discuss the origins of the company and where to next for Central Florida and the community.

Do you remember what it felt like to walk into a restaurant a year ago? Chances are you weren’t thinking about how far apart the tables were, how many hand sanitizing stations were available, or whether the menus would be on paper or a QR code. In dining rooms, stores and parks, the pandemic has changed the way we view cleanliness, the way we hold others accountable, and the way we view the relationship between businesses and their responsibility to keep us safe.

“This is the first time in history we have expected entrepreneurs and business leaders to understand things like the differences between cleaning and sanitizing and disinfecting,” CEO Angela Robbins said. “So we set out to bring together established scientific methods for disinfection, helping cut through the clutter of what was available and what is actually working.”

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