Cleaning up: UV disinfection firm raises $4.9M

By Alex Soderstrom, Orlando Business Journal


A local sanitation tech company recently landed $4.9 million in investment, bringing its fundraising total to $9.5 million since May 20.

Cocoa Beach-based Healthe Inc. closed the deal on June 8, according to a U.S. Securities & Exchange Commission filing. The firm develops and installs ultraviolet light systems that can fit in doorways, ceilings or air conditioning systems to sanitize air and surfaces.

Executives at Healthe could not be reached for comment, and it’s unknown what groups were involved in the deal.

But the attention from investors is the latest example of the buzz of activity in Central Florida’s disinfection sector amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Cleaning capital

In fact, Healthe is not the only company in the space to land venture capital since March. Orlando-based Violet Defense Group LLC closed a $5.25 million round in April. The firm also utilizes ultraviolet light technology to disinfect surfaces.

Of course, venture capital is often critical for startups and early-stage companies. It funds companies as they scale up while also providing business expertise and industry connections. And growing small businesses can generate local jobs and innovative solutions for other businesses.

A budding industry

Companies that offer robust cleaning services, like Healthe, are receiving growing interest as many businesses welcome back customers and employees after being shuttered for months. That includes local bars and tourist attractions, which started opening this month, joining gyms, restaurants, shops and more.

Originally Published in Orlando Business Journal