CFHLA Offices Become BioAssured Certified Spaces in Partnership with Clean Tec Services

Orlando, FL (17 June, 2021) — Clean Tec Services, the Central Florida-based commercial and hospitality maintenance management and cleaning specialist, has been treating the CFHLA shared office spaces with a suite of protective cleaning protocols from their new treatment service offering from BioAssured. Treatments began in May with routine testing of treated surfaces between treatments to ensure ongoing efficacy in the fight to reduce the spread of potentially harmful viruses and bacteria.

BioAssured uses a systemic approach to contamination management, using multi-faceted proven solutions for pathogen reduction in all spaces and environments. The BioAssured solution is a 2-step disinfect and protect process that includes an EPA-registered long-lasting biostatic. This proprietary process has demonstrated effectiveness at inactivating harmful pathogens (including SARS-CoV-2, Norovirus, H1N1) and remains bonded to surfaces, actively protecting against microorganisms for a minimum of up to 30 days. The use of biostatics is part of a multi-layer defense in depth approach to disinfecting. This reduces the need for repeated disinfecting between every person and every touchpoint with traditional commercial disinfectants which may present harmful side-effects.

“We want our clients to feel their spaces are clean — and remain clean — after we complete our services without having to disrupt their usual business operations. With the BioAssured protocols, we can now prove spaces are clean with independent testing on treated surfaces. Offering this to our friends and supporters at CFHLA achieved two goals: showing our appreciation for their organization over the past 25 years, and sharing this new technology working to protect people in their shared office spaces. We can confirm that spaces not only look clean, but are continuously protected against recontamination in shared spaces.” Beatriz Dominguez, Managing Partner, Clean Tec Services.


“As the President of CFHLA, I have felt a great deal of responsibility to keep our staff and visitors safe, now that we have returned to normal office operations. We host in-person meetings in our offices and safety and decontamination have been top of mind. We chose the BioAssured process offered by CFHLA member Clean Tec Services because the proof is in the data. As a BioAssured Certified space, we receive test data showing the efficacy of their product against invisible threats of harmful pathogens. They’ve provided clear signage for our spaces, and information for staff and visitors about the process. The transparency in how it works has been pivotal in providing peace of mind and confidence as we return to normalcy. “ Robert Agrusa, President, CFHLA.

Clean Tec Service’s BioAssured Certified Space protocols are available to all hotel and lodging businesses, commercial offices, and event/conference spaces. The protocols can be tailored to provide long-lasting protection in addition to existing cleaning maintenance, or as a full-service including cleaning, protection, and test verification.

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About Clean Tec Services

Clean Tec Services has been providing Central Florida’s most high-profile tourist and event destinations with reliable, quality maintenance and cleaning services for over 22 years. Experts in the hospitality and commercial industry, Clean Tec is committed to efficiency and excellence with continuing investment in skilled personnel, equipment, and new technologies. Clean Tec is proud to be nationally certified as an MBE, and certified M/WBE in Orange County. 


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